Washington DC Engagement Session

August 6, 2021

I was lucky enough to be the one to capture beautiful stills that offered glimpses into the love between Taylor Payne and Evonne Wayne. Everything about the lovely couple seemed in sync – harmonious and in perfect rhyme – not unlike their last names.

Their backdrop was the wonderfully lush Enid A. Haupt Garden, a 4-acre setting found in the Smithsonian Complex, between the Smithsonian Castle and Independence Avenue. The venue was more than ideal. The blooming flowerbeds and the Art in Bloom sculptures found within the gardens were almost a manifestation of the state of the young couple’s relationship.

Mr. Taylor Payne is a Project Specialist and a self-declared homebody. Ms. Evonne Wayne is a nurse by profession and the more outgoing one between the two. Together, however, they are travelers, connoisseurs of different cuisines, bakers, and total goofballs in the cutest way possible. It’s a balance that they manage to maintain well, with each of them just assimilating the other enough to make them the best of both.

The couple had a different backdrop for their initial meeting. It was 7 years prior at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. 7 years. It really has been a journey for them, with their biggest milestone getting realized at Evonne’s graduation party. It may have started as a graduation party anyway, but it surely did not end as one as Taylor popped that all important question to seal their engagement.

Fast forward to 3rd July, 2021, and the future Taylors commemorated their engagement with a much-needed photoshoot. I would argue that their outfits gave the garden a run for its money. Taylor had on a dapper navy-blue suit with a white shirt and brown oxford shoes. Oxfords, not brogues – right? Evonne, not one to be upstaged, had on a dress that was definitely made just for her, with the heels to match. She donned the beautiful, peachy, satin dress with matching earrings. She was stunning.

Every photo described a side to them: power couple, soulmates, lovers, fun, best friends. It was flowing, natural, oozing. They blended in just as much as they made everything around and behind them pale in comparison.

I honestly think that the future holds nothing but blessings for the two. So, congratulations, Taylor and Evonne!