Lovely Engagement Session at the Capital – Enid Haupt Garden and The District Wharf

June 14, 2021

Lovely Engagement Session at the Capital – Enid Haupt Garden and The District Wharf

On May 8th, 2021, I had the privilege of interacting with Latonia and Jacob during an engagement session in Washington DC. My experience hanging out with this lovely couple reassured me of a fundamental truth that I’ve come to realize in my years of preserving memories on film: the engagement period is special! Much more so than most people assume.

The engagement phase carries the same raw adoration of the Big Day—minus the hustle and bustle. You’re free! You’re madly in love! And you’re fresh into the bliss of knowing you’re about to start/continue a lifelong journey with the person your heart craves.

Cheers to love and happiness.

This is why an engagement photoshoot session is so important. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to capture the candid moments when both your eyes are gleaming and your hearts are still throbbing from the flattering memories of the proposal. These are images that you’ll look back on years later, and the emotions/memories will come flooding back—reminding you of where your love story began and why you adore your partner.

Just Two love birds and a Romantic backdrop at the Enid A. Haupt Garden

A Tale of One Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies

Ever noticed how smitten couples in Disney fairy tales always find a way into each other’s arms—despite the obstacles in their path? Well, not to sound corny—but the story of Latonia and Jacob has the making of such a “forever-after” ending.

Behind every cute couple there’s a story about how the universe conspired to intersect the paths of two souls into one shared highway of life! And each story is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Love Makes Two Hearts One.

The story of Latonia and Jacob began in 2010 at an unlikely dating venue; the workplace. But although they broke up 2 years later in 2012, their embers of love were rekindled in 2018—and set ablaze when Jacob went down on one knee on Valentine’s Day.

Now get this; Jacob is into old school cars, grudge racing, watching Hometown football, basketball games, and he likes Go-Go band. On the other hand, Latonia is into crafting, church activities, and going to wineries/festivals.

But they both like get-togethers, have fun with family & friends, spending time with their kids doing activities like completing puzzles, playing games, going to museums and parks, or just relaxing in the house with music while cooking together and watching ID channel/movies. Alone (before the pandemic), the two enjoy weekend trips and going to a lounge/bar for drinks.

Latonia and Jacob epitomize my belief that “the universe has a way of conspiring to intersect the paths of two souls into one shared highway of life.” Their love story is beautiful, inspiring, and unique—yet relatable to most. And it was my pleasure to immortalize this love on film.

Congratulation guys!