beauty in the everyday

From soccer games and piano recitals to performances and other special events, my lifestyle photos capture the day-to-day activities that enrich and fuel our lives. I’ll work with you to uncover the spirit and inspiration behind whatever drives your life forward each and every day.

Our everyday lives are full of extraordinary moments that deserve to be remembered

Your brand isn’t still, it breathes! Yes, you heard right. Settling for conventional images shouldn’t be your style. Marketing is about developing your brand’s voice and making it visible in a natural way. A visual story always hits the mark and establishes an instant connection with your audience. I know the art of capturing inspiring images that develop a connection between your customers and your brand. Rest assured. The sessions don’t merely include headshots but full body photos as well. Get in touch with me, and let’s build your brand’s visual narrative today.


types of sessions

Why not celebrate your little one’s 6-month, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of life with a special “Birthday Session?” Every Birthday Portrait Session includes a pre-session consultation to discuss your vision and ideas to makes this the best photoshoot for your little one’s big day. We’ll go over special props, outfits, and accessories that match the color scheme of your choosing, and most packages even include your very own 6-inch cake!
Who said birthday photoshoots are just for kids, teenagers, and sweet-sixteens? Adult Birthday Sessions are a blast – delicious food, cold drinks, and plenty of laughs with friends and family. Treat yourself with photos that will help you remember this next big journey around the sun. Whether it’s a new decade or another special year, give yourself the gift of photos that celebrate you!


Imagine the family photos you’d love to have years from now – that perfect sparkle in your children’s eyes, the easy smiles and looks of affection as you glance at one another, proud and so full of love. Photos that put your family in beautiful focus and capture the best aspects of your unique and special relationship together.
Let me help you capture these moments. I’ll handle every detail so you can be fully present at the session. From questionnaires to location scouting, I’ve got you covered. Your family photos are a real and worthy investment, and I take telling your whole story seriously. I take a lot of pride too in creating beautiful and authentic photos of your family that reflect you all at your best. I invest time getting to know you all and make it my personal mission that your photo shoot is a special family experience you’ll always remember.


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