2021 Fall Mini Session for DC, Maryland, Alexandria, VA and the surrounding areas.

September 26, 2021

2021 Fall Mini Session

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How best do you keep memories? — in photographs— just as Ed Sheeran sang. And with fall already here, one of the most gorgeous times to capture every moment, we can’t afford to waste more time. Besides fall’s palette of colors has the background already in check.

So, here are a few more tips to make the session memorable and most importantly a success!

Ways to prepare for a mini session

First things first, are you as excited as I already am? –you should be, the leaves haven’t fallen yet, so:

Book your date and time

Just like heading to your dream vacation, fall mini sessions need prior booking. So, choose a perfect date and mark your calendar!

  • Pick out coordinating—not matching— outfits

Let me first address the issue of phones and keys. You must take them out of your pocket. And with that in mind, what do you even wear? —Check out my Pinterest board for inspo.

The aim of dressing up is comfortability and elegance. And those scuffed-up shoes may not be the way to go. What of short dresses? Well, they might not work out for ground photos. But luckily, I live in a bubble of possibilities, so dress in a proper undergarment and you will definitely have great results. And if you have kids, candid shots are just but my next favorite type of photography— next to formal ones.

  • The preparations

A photo session is a daunting process. However, this shouldn’t be in your cup anymore. Just tell us what you want, whether a card photo or a whole family one. All you got to do is avoid last-minute rash i.e., getting clothes on the morning of the shoot.

A quick tip: ensure your family or friends are well feed especially if there are children, and after the shoot take them for a nice relaxing date.

  • Arrive early

Despite the shoot requiring you to just show up and smile, it is also important you arrive early. This is because a smile coming from a rushing person may not come out as perfect as from a relaxed one. Besides mini-sessions entail back-to-back shots—just a few minutes in between. So, make a point of arriving 10 minutes prior.

More Tips

  • Glasses: Creating white spots and glare can automatically create retouching charges. And glasses may help do this. Additionally, my family’s fall photos usually aim at having the sun at the back, and the results are always astonishing.
  • Eat: Ensure you eat at home to avoid messing up with your expensive items especially if you have kids. Also, for better poses from kids, ensure they are well feed and cleaned up. Don’t forget to brush their teeth.
  • Give yourself time: All the preparations may leave you little to no time for yourself. And we might miss out on the real lovely you. Give yourself time to prepare and always add that special item to complete the look. And for your makeup go a little extra than the norm—don’t overdo it. Your hair should be done a week prior and so should be your nails.


The point of taking the photos is having fun and when you do, you’ll be shocked at how good the results will be. So, leave the ‘stressing’ to us. And for the not co-operating kids and the irritated dads, well, the memory of all that will be imprinted on the photos. So, enjoy each bit of the fall session, and let me catch those moments that will forever be in your wall gallery.