Elopement Wedding During A Pandemic

February 28, 2021

As I was standing behind a camera lens on the Annapolis Maryland Waterfront during a pre-wedding session with Iris and Avery, something dawned on me. “Elopement weddings are one of the most unique and special celebrations—especially amid the pandemic.”

It’s where pure and unadulterated love lies; where the eternal spark of affection glows—and it was an honor to experience this with the beautiful couple.

Eloped and so in love!

Even in the overcast sky above and the mildly chilly weather, something about how Iris and Avery looked at each other gave me vibes that the two were about to ride off into the proverbial sunset together. And that is the beauty of elopement weddings. Everything else fades—leaving the only two people who matter to express their intimacy, unhinged.

Elopement Wedding and the COVID-19 Pandemic

As covered in an article published in the Wall Street Journal, elopements were gradually gaining popularity pre-COVID. More and more couples were shunning the stresses, costs, and complexities of traditional weddings. Instead opting for more intimate and personalized celebrations such as elopements or micro-weddings. The pandemic merely accelerated the trend.

Elopement weddings seamlessly bypass the hectic mess of rescheduling entire events, forking out audacious sums, and they adhere to social distancing regulations.

At a time of uncertainty and global turmoil, love must endear. Just as Avery and Iris proclaimed their love to each other despite the obstacles, so can you. We can’t pretend that the world will magically snap back to how it was. Therefore, it’s refreshing to see smitten couples safely express their love.

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles; leaps fences; penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

Maya Angelou

So, if the thought of tenderly clutching the palm of your soul mate as you run away together into the horizon (or something along those lines) has ever crossed your mind, what’s stopping you? Take Iris and Avery as an inspiration.

Love Conquers All!

After the cherished pre-wedding session at the Annapolis Maryland Waterfront and Downtown Annapolis, Iris and Avery went on to say their vows at the Prince George’s County courthouse on January 5th.

The two are the prime example of “love conquers all!” To them, nothing else matters but the one who holds your heart. Again I reiterate, it was a huge pleasure and honor to capture this special moment in their lives!

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