An Intimate Micro Wedding at North Point Park (Edgemere, Maryland)

September 23, 2020

The moment you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone is the moment you want the rest of your life to begin. In the most intimate of settings, Ma’at and Kevin set sail on the beautiful rest of their lives. The occasion reflected the love and admiration shared between the beautiful couple. With them to share in the moments were their loved ones and family, important pillars in their lives. It was a small wedding; colorful, sunny, with a lovely green backdrop for Kevin’s suit and Ma’at’s gorgeous dress.

The story of this wedding is both exciting and inspirational, especially under the circumstances. As the world reels from the effects of Covid-19, most of our normal lives have had to take a backseat. Plans have had to be cancelled. Those who had their big day planned have had to put their dreams on hold. But weddings are special. They are days full of laughter, tears, and all sorts of life-long moments and emotions. They can still be safely experienced, even together with friends and family, just like Ma’at and Kevin’s intimate micro wedding.

From a glass-half-full perspective, a micro wedding gives you a chance to really enjoy every moment. See every smile. Hear every cheer. Authorized Shot Photography want you to feel those moments, even as we capture them. If you are planning to have such a small wedding or have had to scale down your initial plans, you have probably realized a few things. There are less ‘big’ decisions to be made. The anxiety and pressure are significantly lower. The waiting is also a non-issue.

With an intimate wedding, the schedule can be managed to your liking. With this flexibility comes the freedom to express yourself, to be creative. It is how it is meant to be. A wedding is supposed to be your day. It still is. In whatever way Covid-19 altered your plans, a micro wedding makes is so much easier to get back on track. If you just got or gave that engagement ring, there is no time to jump the broom like the present.

Having a guest list of between 20 and 30 of their loved ones did nothing to take away from the beauty of Ma’at and Kevin’s big day. It not dim their love or mask their adoration for one another. It did not make the day any less significant. It did, however, make the moments captured in the beautiful photos all the more intimate. For that big wedding that you have always dreamed off. It is never too late. The future is yours to plan for and simpler times will return when you can have all 150+ guests looking on as you celebrate your love.

So cheers to Ma’at and Kevin for showing us how it is done. For showing us that small and intimate is a lovely thing. Congratulations to the new husband and wife on the milestone, and thank you for allowing Authorized Shot Photography to capture all the joyous and intimate moments!