Newborn Lifestyle Session

August 22, 2019

Newborn sessions are extremely trendy! There’s nothing cuter than a sweet little baby all bundled up in a precious pose. These days, one of the newest styles of newborn photography is known as Lifestyle Photography. There’s a pretty big difference between studio newborn shots and lifestyle photos! Lifestyle photos are all about your LIVES – the meaningful, day-to-day moments of your baby joining the family. Your little one doesn’t have to travel anywhere strange or unfamiliar. With my lifestyle photoshoots, I come to YOU. The studio becomes your home, and the scene is set for showing your baby’s arrival and transition into your lives. Sure, there’ll be tears, diaper changes, and feedings but also those moments of absolute perfection too – your husband staring into your baby’s big eyes, all the little kisses and goofy faces you’ll both make as you welcome your baby HOME. Every single moment is beautiful, and all of them deserve to be captured in these first precious weeks together.

My goal as a Lifestyle Photographer is to tell a story through my lens, and sometimes that can be a really hard task when photographing a little one. But when Mom and Dad are added into the picture – the story becomes ten times better! By ditching the cold studio and artificial props, we’ll get authentic and real shots in the comfort of your own home. A place where you are all already comfortable. SAFE. Warm. The place where the rest of this beautiful journey will continue.